Distributed ID empowers enterprise fraud management

Monitor customer behaviour across all channels to enrich the tools your business uses to fight fraud

Weak identity data hurts your fraud management

Your organization is burdened by the need to collect and protect data
Siloed and static digital identities is causing data inconsistencies and redundancies. The data that you do have is under constant a constant data breach threat. All of this is hurting Your organizations ability to fight fraud.

Eliminate data silos

Standardize identity data across channels with a private distributed network.

Remove inconsistent records and duplicate accounts.

Meet regulatory compliance for transparency and privacy.

Understand your users

Easily capture customer touch points from all channels to create behavioural digital identities that change as your users do.

Network with other businesses to create highly descriptive identities across your industry.

Protect personal information

Predict, detect, and monitor for fraud with behavioural digital identities. No need don't store personally identifible information

Create accountability with fully auditable digital identities

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