The API for standard, fully compliant identity management and authentication using distributed blockchain technology.

About Distibuted ID

Distributed ID is a private HyperLedger based identity network platform

Use DIID's API to securely authenticate and manage your user's personal information.

Our unique approach to building identity through real time events such as mobile transactions helps you discover powerful insights into your user's behaviour.

Your user's identities can be used across a permissioned and distributed network that's under your control.

This network enables you to build products and services internally or in partnership with other businesses using the same identity network in a highly secure manner.

Your user's can once again trust your data integrity, and your business can greatly reduce the costs associated with user identity verification and data sharing.

How It Works
User defining events are recorded using distributed blockchain technology
These records over time describe a user's behaviour or reputation
a digital identity changes over time and always reflects the users current state
use these identities for secure authentication and user insights
digital identity securely available within your private network

Use Cases

Identity networks suited to your business needs.

Mobile Spending Reputation

Mobile wallet adoption in emerging markets is making cash outdated

Many of these people do not have traditional forms of identification

Distributed ID Digital Identity allows these identities to build reputation

Reputation that can qualify users for financial benefits

Seemless Document Sharing

Distributed ID creates networks for identity

Allowing identity information to be securely shared

Reducing file checking needed to create an account

Increasing user satisfaction


Network consensus must always occur

Immutable transactions make source of truth

Permissioned network keeps data secure

Distrbuted network negates single source of failure